Dog Gone It's Puppy Training

We can help to ease your frustration of teaching your new furry family members when to go out and do their "business". Our companion visits have helped many clients get through the first few trying weeks with their new young canines. We ensure great communication and your dog will pick up good habits quickly by us working together and using the same routines as you do. 

We schedule to help avoid accidents that your new pup just can't control until your puppy's bladder is developed enough to go through the day on their own. We also incorporate basic on-leash obedience, sit, stay, down stay and many other commands. Our puppy training methodology is very simple and is all gentle command, consistency, and praise. We also give daily updates to your phone or email in regards to progress. We have been told that our pictures really make for great peace of mind through the process and you get a timeline of watching them grow. Puppyhood doesn't last very long!

By having a professional caregiver from Dog Gone It come we can establish a routine with your puppy, they get used to having the proper behavior before they are able to learn bad behavior. This is a very effective way for dogs to learn to mind other humans as their pack leader. Many of our clients have different schedules so together we try and coordinate best times to let their new addition out. We recommend no more than 4 hours should go by without a let-out if your pup is between 8-15 weeks old.

You can have the peace of mind knowing you will be working with First-Aid Certified, bonded and insured caregivers that love animals and enjoy keeping you updated about the day to day routines of your new puppy. Our clients enjoy hearing progress with picture and text updates of our visits.

"Thank you is the least I can say for taking care of our little baby Bailey. I know she's been in amazing hands with you. You are not only making a difference for my husband and I, but you and Louise are making the world of a difference for Bailey. Thanks again". Nicole Doganiero - Brunswick

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