Dog Gone It Pet Care believes in humane critter control

Occasionally we will come into contact with lost pets and require information to help a furry member find it's way back home.

Some of the cities listed do have a process for helping the community's pet parents get re-united with their pals.

We have scoured information on the web and came across a few sites that may help in time of need. Some of the cities we searched in our service area (like Olmsted Falls and Hinckley Ohio) do not have an animal control department. We will continue to keep our ears open for a listing we can add to this city list. 

We hope you find them useful.

We have experienced a couple situations where we would find a lost dog or cat and had to call the city for assistance. Recently we had found a Yellow Labrador that was meandering the neighborhood. He was a mild mannered senior, that you could tell wasn't lost for long and probably came from a family that really missed him. He couldn't have stumbled on to a better outfit to help! We called Strongsville's non-emergency number at 1-440-238-7373 and left our number for the Animal Control Officer. He called shortly thereafter to get details. We were told that due to budget cut backs, and if the dog was non-aggressive, to just sit tight. They would have all my information to provide if anybody calls for their pet. We leashed up the big guy and strolled the development. Low and behold the owners pulled around looking for him. In the midst of things, his smooth coat helped him slip his leash. He is back at cozy home. Mission accomplished!
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