Dog Gone It's Mid Day Services

Designed for puppy relief, elders gracefully aging and healthy adult dogs. The visits start with greeting our furry buddies with belly scratches and head rubs and going into the back yard for "ball time" and/or for a walk around the neighborhood to do the "Duty" and blow of some steam. (Customized to each and every client). This gives clients a chance to free up their time to and from work, not having to worry about cleaning up accidents from puppies. Mid-Day visits also provide comfort to many senior dogs that may be losing cognitive skills and need just a comforting visit.  

Both of our options (Mid-Day Let Outs and Dog Walks) provide huge benefits to their owners. Many times it allows for after work/school activities without having to hurry up and coordinate who will be home in time for Fido! It also gives enough time for your companions to stretch, say hello, receive ear and eye cleaning, do their potty break, have light play and/or walk, (depending on their age), get medicines, maintain health and for us to provide care for current needs including light grooming.

Once back to the property we dry off feet and dampened tummies, get some fresh cool water, provide gentle play, belly rubs and skull scratches (whatever your unique dog loves the most) and if you give them a treat - we do that too. (If lightning storms or blizzards we ask that you leave us a brush or their favorite toy for after potty break and dry off time).

We follow up with a pic of the days visit and a quick update about your special dog from your friendly personal caregiver. Upon exiting we make sure to set alarms, lock all doors and make certain all exits are secured. 

All in home services are complimentary and include bringing trash cans up from curb if applicable, leave a light on for you if you return in the evenings and mail retrieval.

Our mid-day let-out visits and walks are provided Monday through Friday. Dog Gone It's Dog Walkers provide one on one attention to your special furry family member(s). By providing intellectual and physical stimulation that canines need in their daily life many dogs maintain their health longer, are less aggressive and stay happier. 

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