Bargain Dog Waste Services

Tired of the dirty work?

1. We alert you about any changes in your pet’s stool. Changes might indicate that they may be eating something they are not supposed to.

2. We can inform you to call the Veterinarian.

3. While on "patrol" we keep an eye out and report any suspicious activity in our neighborhoods.

4. We bring up the garbage cans if they are they're empty when we arrive.

5. We use sanitary gloves on initial cleanings and get the business out better than any scooper.

                       6. We are the only waste business in the Cleveland market as of 2007- 2016 that provides on                                                  property quotes for weekly services. Depending on your unique situation, we are 99% of the time lower                               than our competitors because of our tight service area.

                      7. We offer a satisfaction money-back guarantee to ensure that you and your pet are absolutely happy.

                      8. We save you time, your back and anxiety

                      9. We are discreet and clean.

                     10. We dispose of waste in a clean green manner.

Piles of dog feces in your yard not only look bad, smell bad and pose a walking hazard, but they also are unhealthy. Feces can contain E.Coli, giardia, hookworm, salmonella, tapeworm, whip worm, heart worm and parasites. It is a great way to prevent Toxocariasis.  Many dogs will even eat leftovers from themselves or other animals. (Coprophagia)

A pile of dog poop in your  yard decomposes very slowly because of its protein base. This creates a thin layer of methane that gives off plenty of heat for worms, maggots, centipedes, black beetles and a whole host of others to lay their eggs and hang out in. If your dog is not 100% vegetarian - this protein (meat) base is the haven for insects.

If your dog eats these health-threatening items, it goes directly to where the problem can start. In their stomach. It is a huge contributor to excessive waste water run off contamination. The piles can also attract rodents, raccoon's and vermin on to your property.

New weekly clients receive two weeks, or even an initial cleaning free! (Depending on situation and current promotion).

Simple set up, hassle free terms and conditions.

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